Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a whatchamacallit thanksgiving.

what a great thanksgiving we had this year!
we spent it at my aunt ginger and uncle jack's land in a tiny town
 called miles, right outside of san angelo.
it was a great day of food, fun and family.
three things that are essential for any successful thanksgiving!
we surely do have so very much to be thankful for not only 
on thanksgiving day but everyday of the year.
thank you Lord for all of the ways your continue to bless us, 
our hearts are always running over.
after all of our bellies were full from the 
second go 'round we had an intense. . .  
no, intense doesn't even begin to describe it. . . 
viscous sounds more like it. . . 
game of charades.
there was enough competitiveness in that room to give 
alabama and auburn a run for their money.
it was my kind of fun!
the girls won, see you next year pedro gonzalez gonzalez.
thanks to our fabulous super mom brittany, we got to start
 a fun new tradition with june for her every 
thanksgiving night from here on out.
tootie had found her the cutest little christmas pj's,
so just like brittany
we wrapped them up for her to open that night before bath time.
such a fun and memorable way to ring in the christmas season!
brittany, thank you for this new family tradition.
like everything you do, we love it!
hope your thanksgiving was as sweet, yummy and memorable as ours.
may our hearts always be so thankful!


  1. hahaha these pictures had me laughing hysterically! love how cute you are with a gun! :)
    miss you friend! xo

  2. also, I wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award. I'm cheesy like that. love.

  3. oh my gosh that baby girl is so cute! and how did she get so big so fast!