Friday, December 23, 2011


my little baby brother is a real life college graduate.
we are so proud of him and we are so excited to see 
what the Lord has in store for him just around the corner.
the Lord's favor is definitely upon him and He has continued
 to prove His faithfulness in the life of my brother.
it has been a great ride. 
the list of accomplishments and greatness for my brother is a mile long
and the fun has just begun!
june loved herself some graduation.
she was very proud for every graduate and clapped for each one.
sweet little soul.
stay sweet forever.
we had a fun weekend celebrating the graduate.
two highlights that stick out were. . .
1. getting to meet hannah!
2. sitting so very close to this guy at dinner saturday night.
he even waved at june.
all in all, great weekend!

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