Tuesday, December 6, 2011


this is a sad post.
sad because it's waaaaay late but 
mainly sad because the post office failed us.
in a BIG way.
i'm still not over it.
our poor pen pal slade was left without a package this month because
 it magically disappeared in route to his house.
makes me so upset.
i'm most devastated about the book about brothers that went missing.
i'm still crossing my fingers that it will appear on his doorstep
 any day now but since realistically i know it probably
 won't we have some new fun 
headed your way as we speak, little slade.
slade did not disappoint june this month with his pen pal assingment.
she loved each and every treat in her box and was such a cutie
 opening up her packages and getting so excited about all of the goodness.
slade always finds the best stuff!
this month he sent june the Jesus Calling devotional
 for kids that i cannot even start to tell you how
 excited i am for that new read, just so sweet.
he also sent some bath time essentials:
a kitty loofah sponge
some cozy pj's
fun elmo bath fizzes
june is just as obsessed with her nightly bath as you are slade.
she loved it all!
he also sent her all kinds of fun orange goodies!
like silly string, orange melts, some orange 
thanksgiving cookies cutters and some glittery orange nail polish.
she was thrilled with each and every treat but
 especially loved her bag of melts.
our girl can put away some melts!
last but certainly not least, slade sent june the cutest book label 
stickers and a picture of himself and his older brother carson.
cutest brothers in all the land.
thank you so much slade for your thoughtfulness, we have had a load of fun
 with our goodies and can't wait for you to get ours.
hopefully this time around the post man won't snipe it for himself, little stinker.

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