Saturday, May 22, 2010

not really.

a funny thing has been happening to andy and i lately. 
you see i am not the most technologically sound girl in the world so operating an iphone is a huge feat for me on most days.  andy's a whiz.  
here is the funny thing. 
 we have been so embarrassed by this but it is really quite hysterical.  
our iphones have at least a handful of times pressed the 'like' button on fb all by itself.  
we are unaware of our 'like' until we start getting the email notifications informing us of perfect strangers that also 'like' what we 'like'.  
it makes for such a good laugh but it really is just so embarrassing!
it might be time to kick it old school again, ditch the iphone that i hate more often than love and make a trip to at&t for a good old flip phone that will never dream of pulling a quick one on us.  

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