Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i always do this. i do a very good job of posting and then go mia for days.  i really must might do better.  i figured ya'll are just dying to know what i am loving these days.  oh wait, you really are? then it's your lucky day.

i know volume II has already hit the shelves but i can't get enough of  this soundtrack.  cannnot wait until season III starts.

i have always loved carmex but recently my lips cannot live without it.

since i am think i'm crafty i am spending alot of time at our fabric store just stocking up for future crafts.

this yummy healthy snack.  it's still january right? never too late for a new year's renewal!

i randomly picked this up at walgreens the other day and am so glad i did!

i am not a coffee drinker but i do love starbucks for this reason.  there goes the january renewal!

grocery lists, thank you notes, to-do lists, wish lists.  it just really doesn't matter. . . everything looks better when written in a sharpie.

i am so excited about acu baseball.

i ordered this little headwarmer on etsy the other day for those cold acu baseball games that are fast approaching.  it's super trendy but it gets super cold at the games especially in february.  see if i really was the craft monster i am claiming to be i could have made this cutie instead of buying it. add something else to the to-do list: learn to knit.


  1. I just saw a ton of those at Charming Charlies! Love them. And, well, I have a ridiculous obsession with sharppies too. During pregnancy, I would color with them every single day. And when I say color, I mean a WHOLE page full. It may or may not have been the smell..:)

  2. Three things:
    1)LOVE that earwarmer! SO cute!
    2)I'm obsessed with glee too! You have to buy the volume 2 soundtrack, it awesome!
    3)I'm totally interested to know what crafts you have up your sleeve! Brandon got me a sewing machine for Christmas so I have also been raiding the fabric stores looking for some fun fabrics! I would love to know what you have bookmarked!

  3. I mean...we really should be best friends! I love all things you love! The purple ear warmer is so cute, I can't wait to see pictures of you in it. I might have to copy you and get one:)