Thursday, July 5, 2012

the beach vacation i wish never ended!

 my parents gifted us with the greatest, memory packed vacation ever.
i still can't get over it's greatness and all the fun 
we had together for our week in paradise!
so grab your beach bag and come along with us. . .
you'll love our days in the sun just as much as we did.
 our little beach babe did really good at the beach.
i was a bit nervous about what she might think about the sand
and water but she warmed right up to it.
she was perfectly content to sit and dig in the sand and dump it all in her pail.
she was a little more unsure about the great big ocean but
 if her trusty guys had hold of her she 
seemed to relax and enjoy the "bubble water".
 those three little heads way out in the water 
are our surfer dudes waiting to catch a wave.
my aunt ginger and her family were on vacation too so
 we soaked up some sun with them too!
it was a blast being three all together.
 our little beach neighbors caught a huge crab one morning.
it was quite the sight and brought lots of on-lookers with it!
junie is still talking about that "frab". :)
 mom & dad, we just cannot thank y'all enough for this trip!
y'all were so generous and it was a perfect vacation in every way possible.
i'm so thankful for all the memories that were made and for
 all the ones we get to make each summer at the beach.
stay tuned for lots of other vacation fun!

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