Wednesday, November 2, 2011


my hunting husband goes on an elk hunt once a year for an entire week.
it's a bitter sweet trip for us. . .
bitter for the obvious reason of being away from our main squeeze,
sweet because us girls get to spend a week in abilene.
the moment he leaves we are ready to have him back!
cheese ball, emotional me wrapped him up a treat and a letter for each 
day that he would be missing his girls.
a little part of us went with him to the manly mountains.
 the moment we pulled into town we had a lunch 
date with our other two men.
everyone in our party of four was excited to see each other
 and eat the best chicken strips in all the land.
country club, i love you.
 while i was getting my hair cut that evening june's caretakers 
loaded her up to go feed the ducks.
her papa has been chomping at the bit to take
 her for a ride on his new golf cart.
i'd say it's a new tradition for any visit home!
my parents house is currently under construction.
they started knocking down walls and completely demoing things
 left and right the minute us jeffreys hit the road monday night.
we are all excited to see the progress and i know my mom is
 extremely excited and ready to make this house into a home.
it's going to be great!
so. . .
 since their kitchen is still in boxes we did a whole lot of eating out!
no one was complaining, 
especially this little monkey.
 junie was so funny this trip with her little babies, 
she wanted to take them everywhere with her.
sweet mama in the making.
i'm thinking santa might be bringing her a stroller for christmas.
tootie wanted to buy her girl some new books.
our little bookworm was thrilled!
so we loaded her up and headed to hastings for lots of new reads.
thank you tootie!
love this picture below of them reading together, love.
june also scored a new christmas book from my aunt frank
 that she oohed and aahhed over immediately.
thank you for thinking of her and for helping us start our collection of christmas books!
you are so sweet.
we ventured out to the big crosstown showdown friday night, 
only to leave promptly at halftime because things weren't
 looking too promising on our side of the field.
poor cougars, better luck next year guys.
despite the terrible loss june loved all of the action; 
the band, all of the people, the team, the lights.
maybe cheerleading is in her future!
one guy that did not come out losing friday was our hometown hero, the hunter.
andy shot the biggest elk that ever roamed the earth on friday!
we were all so proud and so excited for him.
i think my dad was the most excited and i guarantee you 
everyone in abilene has seen this picture on his phone.
it's sweet to be proud.
goodness gracious that animal is huge and 
goodness gracious andy's hands are disgusting.
love him, love his adventures and love that he is now back with his girls.
 who doesn't love a pumpkin smocked little girl?!?
we've been ready for fall fashion for a while now.
 my mom and i spent a few hours working on june's mouse 
costume and if it wasn't for her june the mouse probably 
would have been missing some ears and a tail, ha!
i'm thankful for this trip home and for all the necks we got to hug. . . if only for a second.
so thankful for my parents and brother for the memories we 
made and for all that they did for june and i.
so thankful andy's home safe and so thankful for the memories he made with his dad.
we'd love to share some elk meat with you, come by anytime!

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  1. i need to move back to TX to be close to you again! lol That little girl is ADORABLE!